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About the IELTS reading test

About the IELTS reading test

The IELTS reading test takes 60 minutes to complete, has three sections and a total of 40 questions. You need to make sure that your answers are transferred to the answer sheet within the 60 minutes as no extra time is given at the end of the test.

*Note that there are differences in the first two sections for the General Training and Academic Module test for Passages 1 and 2.

Differences between the Academic and General reading test:

About the IELTS reading testThe Academic Module

The Academic Module has three passages, generally ranging between 700 to 1000 words, with between 12 and 18 questions per passage. The passages are all equal in levels of difficulty, and do not get progressively more difficult. The topics are based on articles from journals, academic magazines, articles and other sources.

The General Training Module

Although there are still three parts to the General Training reading test, the first two sections are broken into two (sometimes three) subsections, with between 5 and 9 questions per sub section. The first section is survival level English, and may require you to read a timetable, notice or short piece of information, and will generally be quite short (less than 300 words). The second section is a little more difficult and will a workplace related topic, such as interview techniques or the first day at work.

The third section (Passage 3) is the same as the Academic Module.

IELTS reading test question types

  1. Headings style questions
  2. Locating information in a paragraph
  3. True / False / Not Given questions
  4. Short answer questions
  5. Sentence completion questions
  6. Form/summary/table/flowchart/notes completion questions
  7. Labelling a diagram
  8. Matching and classifying
  9. Multiple choice
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