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Classifying questions in IELTS reading (page 2)

Classifying questions in IELTS reading (page 2)

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In the previous page, we look at the similarities between matching and classifying question in the IELTS reading test. Now we will look more into this type of question.

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There are 6 steps to answering a matching or classifying question. The first step is to read the statement you are matching or classifying. Then you should identify keywords from the statement. From there, you should locate the relevant area of the passage. When you think you have found the relevant area, look at the list you are matching or classifying to (e.g. people’s names, periods in time). You should then read the section of the passage you found in Step 3 in more detail. Finally, you should confirm the correct answer.

In the next page, we will look at applying these steps to an example question.

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