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Classifying questions in IELTS reading (page 4)

Classifying questions in IELTS reading (page 4)

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On this page, we will be applying the 6 steps recommend on page 2 to answer a classifying question.

Read the paragraph below and answer the question that follows.

To compress thousands of years of history in a few paragraphs is a difficult task, and as with almost any historical point a millennia old, even ‘facts’ are disputable. What is generally accepted is that the first notable new arrivals to Britain came over 2000 years ago in the form of an army of Romans. Conflicts ensued with the tribal populations of Britain, but the organised martial might of the Romans proved superior, and for the following century, Roman influence spread throughout what is now known as England. Yet this was not a true invasion, as it was not until nearly 100 years later that Rome decided it wanted Britain to be part of the Roman Empire. Consequently, in 43 A.D., the first full scale invasion took place in the South East of England. Some thirty years later, Roman control had spread throughout England and Wales, although Scotland had remained defiant. Frequent incursions into England from tribes in Scotland led to the creation of one of Britain’s most impressive constructions – Hadrian’s Wall. The wall was built right across the border of Scotland and designed to protect ‘Brittania’, the Roman name given to England and Wales. Yet for 300 years, invasions from the Picts and the Scots (both tribes from Scotland) continued to harass the Romans. By 400 A.D., with the Roman Empire collapsing due to rebellions in Europe, the Roman army in Britannia was seriously weakened. Invasions by the Picts and Scots pressed deeper into what was Roman control, and new invaders arrived – the Saxons from modern-day Germany.

Classify the following events as occurring

A. before 43 A.D.
B. between 43 A.D. and 343. A.D
C. after 343 A.D.

1. Hadrian’s Wall was built

Now watch the video below to check your answer and confirm the steps you have taken.


[mycred_video id=”rmsMlbUVa0k”]



With classifying questions, the same six steps are used. From reading the statement, we can use the keyword Hadrian’s Wall to scan the text. Having found the reference, we then look at the list we are classifying against and look for a reference to a time period. Reading in detail, we can see 43 A.D. is followed by the phrase ‘thirty years later’. This tells us that the time period must be between 43 A.D. and 343. A.D.

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