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Classifying questions in IELTS reading (page 5)

Classifying questions in IELTS reading (page 5)

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In this final page for these question types, we will review some of the useful tips and hints that can help you achieve a better result.

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Here are some tips for completing matching or classifying questions. Tip 1: it is important to  remember that the category, such as a person’s name, may appear multiple times in the passage. Tip 2: You will need to consider reference words. For example, the first time Scott Bradley is mentioned his name is used, but the second reference may be introduced with ‘He’. Tip 3: You may not use all of the categories and may use others more than once. The instructions will tell you if you can use the same category more than once so you will need to read carefully.

Now try some practice exercises for matching and classifying questions.

Click here for exercise 1

Click here for exercise 2

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