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Classifying questions in IELTS reading

Classifying questions in IELTS reading

Classifying questions are similar to matching questions – the questions are in statement format, and you need to decide which of a limited number of options each statement relates to.

Here’s a very simple example:

Classify the following statement as relating to:

A. the UK
B. the USA
C. Asia.

Write the correct letter A-C in the box provided.

Question:  Attitudes to the elderly are more traditional

Text: In Britain it has now become common for children to place their elderly relative in care homes, much the same as it is in the USA. In Asia, on the other hand, children are more likely to take the older member into their home to be cared for, as has been done for many generations.

Answer: C

Now watch the video for more information:

[mycred_video id=”gbiDBdYWf5I”]



Matching and classifying questions use the same skills, so we will present them together. Both of these question types test your ability to recognise relationships between facts, theories or opinions. Here are examples of matching and classifying questions. In both matching and classifying questions, you have to write a letter on your answer sheet. A common error in this type of question is not reading for detail once you have located the area you think is relevant to the question.

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